November 3, 2016

myHermes’ guide to perfect packaging this Christmas

The advent of Christmas can only mean one thing: The packaging season is upon us once again! At myHermes, we understand how laborious it can be to pack and deliver Christmas gifts – especially if you have lots to send. So, we’ve pulled together some key packaging hints and tips to help make life a little easier for you this year whether you’re packing for friends, family or customers.

How to get your Christmas packaging perfect:

1 Find the right box

So long as your box is in good condition it doesn’t have to be new. Just make sure it’s strong enough and big enough to fit your items comfortably in – and that’s if it can fit sufficient packaging materials. Prepare your box by removing any labels, logos or barcodes – or cover them with a sticker. This will save confusion further down the line.

2. Gift wrap your items

If you’re sending a Christmas gift, you’ll probably want to gift wrap the item before placing it in the box. Before you wrap the gift, practice beforehand so you know exactly how much wrapping paper you’ll need by placing the item on the gift wrap and marking on the paper how much you’ll require.

3. Sending fragile items

If you’re sending fragile items, choose a box that’s rigid and strong and opt for a size that’s roomy enough to include plenty of protective packaging materials.

Packaging materials you could use include:

  • bubble wrap
  • tissue paper
  • recycled newspaper
  • polystyrene chips

Place items in the centre of the box and don’t let them touch the box walls. Squeeze packaging into corners to ensure items are tightly packed and wrap small parts of items separately. For extra security and additional protection, you could use a box within a box for your items.

It may be a good idea to check with a retailer or get expert advice before packaging certain fragile items – for example, Porcelain or China should be wrapped in acid-free tissue paper to avoid discoloration. For extra information on packaging fragile items check out our quick guide on the website.

4. Sealing the parcel

Before you send, give the box a little shake to ensure the contents is fixed firmly in place and that the item isn’t moving about in the box. Then, when it comes to sealing your parcel use strong tape and ensure you secure all openings and seams. Don’t use string or ribbon on the exterior.

5. Weighing your parcel

Kitchen scales offer an effective and handy way to weigh items, especially if you have digital scales. You may not have considered using bathroom scales too, but they can provide a useful way of weighing larger parcels. First, step on the scales and weigh just yourself. Then weigh yourself and the parcel. The parcel weight is the difference between the two measurements.

6. Double check the address

Double check you’ve got the right address and postcode – mistakes will mean disappointed faces on Christmas day!

Be especially careful if you’re sending parcels abroad. Unfamiliar formats and foreign letters can make things tricky – it might be helpful to include the recipient’s phone number to help couriers locate an address that’s hard to find.

7. Print your label

Log into or register with myHermes at and print out your packaging label. Make sure to pop an extra copy inside the box in case the outer label gets damaged in transit.

8. Drop off your items, or arrange for a collection

Then simply drop-off items at one of our 4,500 ParcelShops – they’re open 7 days a week for your convenience. Alternatively, arrange for your parcels to be collected by one of our couriers.

9. Be aware of Christmas cut-off dates

Remember to send your items in good time for Christmas, and use our recommended cut-off dates. For a next day courier collection, you will need to place an order before 10pm on the 18th December or drop-off your items at your local ParcelShop on the 19th.

For international deliveries please drop off your parcels at a ParcelShop by Monday 12th December. And remember to factor in potential delays at customs at this time of year. (To save time it could be an idea to place items in a gift bag inside the package – this can be opened and closed by officials without damaging your gift presentation in any way.)

We advise not to leave critical deliveries to the last minute – leaving things to the last cut-off dates means we can’t guarantee delivery by 25th December.

10. Track your items

Keep tabs on your parcels whilst in transit using our Parcel Tracker service which gives you an up-to-date monitoring of the whereabouts of your items.

Follow these steps and you’ll soon be packaging like a professional. And be sure to check out our myHermes packaging videos to show you exactly how it’s done.